About us

Our company was established in 2003. The company is engaged in the cultivation of high-quality rhododendrons and azaleas in the open ground. We receive young plants from Silva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Gardening vvi in Pruhonice. Plants of open ground are characterized by a broad habitat with a wide root bale. We prefer the size of 60-70 cm. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction. This satisfaction is ensured through the cultivation of high-quality plant material. A sample of this material can be found in the gallery selection.


High-quality rhododendrons and azaleas are cultivated in the cold area of South Bohemia. A detailed selection of the range, where a result are rhododendrons resistant to freezing. This allows us to set down our cultivation throughout the Czech Republic. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to call such rhododendrons the resistant rhododendrons of South Bohemia.


We look forward to your visit.

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